Upcoming Fall Events!

I have some upcoming Fall events! If you’re looking to pick up a signed copy of Slip Jig Summer, This Night Sucks, or She Dreamed of Dragons – stop on by!


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It’s Mid-August! Still looking for a fun book to read this summer?


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Summer Reading!



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Paperbacks available at Juniper Books!

Pick up some summer reading! JuniperBooks1

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Windsor Author: Jenn Sadai

Jenn Sadai is a Windsor author who chooses to use her own life experiences to help inspire others to overcome challenges. Her first book, Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, is her own tale of survival, from being a drug addicted thief to becoming successful and healthy. Her book Cottage Cheese Thighs tackles the subject of learning to love yourself and becoming confident with who you are. Sadai’s newest book, No Kids Required, covers the subject of modern day women who choose to live a childfree life.

“My goal as an author is to tackle different topics that affect women’s self-esteem. I know several childfree women who have experienced varying levels of criticism and judgment based on their decision,” said Sadai. “Some even felt like they were viewed as being less of a woman, simply because they weren’t a mother.”

Sadai herself is a stepmother of four, so has experienced both the blessings and burdens of being a mother and also being childfree. The subject of being a childfree woman was both important and personal to Sadai, but she felt she could not do it justice on her own and went in search of other’s women’s stories.

“When you explain that you have four stepchildren, most people understand why you don’t have one of your own,” said Sadai.

She began to talk with friends and family who were childfree, which often led her to meet with more childfree women who were eager to learn more about the project and become involved. She eventually found 20 women to be included in the book, and carefully documented their individual stories.

Sadai has also branched out into fiction writing with her series of stories about women overcoming horrific challenges and discovering their inner strength along the way. The first book, Her Own Hero, tells the story of a struggling showgirl who learns from her bad decisions and creates a better life for herself. Sadai is currently working on her second novel, Her Beauty Burns, which will be a part of the same series.

Although it can be difficult for any new writer or artist to get noticed, Sadai has found joining local groups helpful, such as Windsor Women in Business.

“Windsor has a thriving arts community and there are established writing and business groups that can help you succeed, if you’re willing to put yourself out there,” said Sadai.

She is thankful she made the decision to start writing and will be celebrating the release of No Kids Required on April 27 at the City Grill.

“If you believe in what you’re doing, don’t stop,” said Sadai. “It’s not easy to make a living as a writer, but the rewards will be worth it if you stay the course.”

If you’d like to learn more about Jenn Sadai, you can visit her webpage, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

[originally posted on Windsor Arts & Crafts]

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Slip Jig Summer Signing

We had a good day at Juniper Books. Thanks to all who came out!


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It’s Almost Slip Jig Summer Day!

This Tuesday, March 27 is the release day for Slip Jig Summer! Yay!

If you’re in Windsor, I will be having a meet and greet at Juniper Books on Sunday, April 8th from 1pm-4pm. I will have copies of Slip Jig Summer, She Dreamed of Dragons, and This Night Sucks for sale.

Slip Jig Summer_Launch_03-2-18-Evite


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Windsor Author: Brittni Brinn

Image result for the patch project brittniBrittni Brinn has been involved in many creative endeavours in Windsor. She has co-hosted the radio show Hardcover: A Literary Podcast and has wrote plays for Paper-Knife Theatre. Her newest project is her debut novel, The Patch Project.

The Patch Project is a post-apocalyptic story following a small group of survivors as they navigate their new world and discover their and mysterious powers. The book started off as a short story during Brinn’s undergraduate studies.

“I was getting into post-apocalyptic stories at the time, and wanted to write a piece in a domestic setting that would juxtapose something homey and comfortable, like Christmas, with the stark emptiness of a wasteland environment,” said Brinn. “I really enjoy writing in the speculative vein – exploring a concept or a character that isn’t quite of the everyday world.”

Brinn is thankful for her post-secondary experience, which pushed her to share her writing after years of keeping her poems and stories private. She also developed an interest for playwriting.

“The theatre fascinates me,” said Brinn, who has written four one act plays and a full length play, Runaways, that have been produced in the Windsor and Edmonton areas.

Brinn will be taking on a new role as an actor in the upcoming Paper-Knife Theatre production of A Lichen by Stephanie Yee. She will also be directing Yellow Vines, an original thriller by Linda Collard, in June.

“Having lived in Edmonton, I appreciate the space there is in Windsor for artists to try things,” said Brinn. “For the most part, artists have to make their own opportunities here, and I think it brings people together in a unique way.”

Brinn’s advice for writers is to make sure you actually enjoy what you’re writing and to tackle the projects you’re passionate about the most.

“I meet a lot of artists who have a story or a project they’ve been sitting on for years – they care very much about those projects and don’t want to “ruin” them,” said Brinn. “But if you have the idea, write it out!”

Brittni Brinn will be reading from The Patch Project at the Green Bean Café (2320 Wyandotte Street West) on Wednesday, March 28 from 5:30pm-9:00pm. For more information you can visit the Facebook event page.

You can find Brittni Brinn on Facebook (@brittniinink), Twitter (@brittni_in_ink) and Instagram (@brittni_in_ink).

[originally posted on Windsor Arts & Crafts]

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Juniper Books: Windsor’s House of Books

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For over a decade Juniper Books has been Windsor’s “house of books”. The shop holds at least 45,000 books spread out between various rooms in the house – from cooking books in the kitchen, to a main floor full of literature and history, and a garage packed with discount books.

The shop focuses on used and rare books and also has a selection of new books by local authors. Some of the rare finds currently in store are first editions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy, and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler.

Juniper Books is located at 1990 Ottawa Street in Windsor, Ontario. For more information you can visit their webpage or Facebook.

[originally posted on Windsor Arts & Crafts]

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Mirror World Publishing Celebrates Anniversary

Mirror World Publishing recently celebrated their fourth year in business.

The local publisher was created by sisters Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred, who are both writers. Co-creator Justine Alley Dowsett had learned many necessary skills of running a press by previously self-publishing her first four novels and working as a producer/business and marketing director for a video game company.

“I decided to take what I had learned there and combine it with my publishing experience,” said Dowsett. “My sister, Murandy Damodred, urged me to take the risk and together we launched Mirror World Publishing with the first in our dark fantasy romance series, Mirror’s Hope as our inaugural novel.”  Mirror's Hope (Ebook)

The name Mirror World is inspired by that first book and the parallel worlds that exist within it. The press continues to publish books for children, young adults, and adults that let readers escape to other worlds: whether it is fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal or romance.

Bewitching Hannah - Ebook“Having a memorable name and brand really opens doors and allows you to gain traction which I found near to impossible as an individual in the industry,” said Dowsett. “Not to mention the fact that having a team of authors working with us has just been a blessing in getting our name out into the world.”

Dowsett believes Windsor is a great home base for Mirror World Publishing and many of the books are even by local authors. Other books in their catalogue include authors from Calgary, New York and London, England.

“We have an exceptional pool of writing and artistic talent in this city,” said Dowsett. “People are down to earth and easy to talk to and there is a great entrepreneurial spirit here.”She Dreamed of Dragons (E-Book)

Mirror World author Sharon Ledwith recently took part in the A Taste of Literature event to help raise funds for the Windsor International Writers Conference. In May, Dowsett and Damodred will be part of their own A Taste of Literature event to celebrate their upcoming book, Mirror’s Deceit. In July they’ll be at The Windsor International Writers’ Conference running a round table discussion, attending panels, and meeting with authors one-on-one to discuss their submissions in person. In September they will be returning to Word on the Street in Toronto and in November they will be travelling to London for the Southwest Book Expo.

At these upcoming events they will have the opportunity to showcase their previously published titles, as well as brand new books coming out in 2018.

“First up for 2018 we have Nate Friedman’s newest Canadian classic for kids, The Last Hockey Fight,” said Dowsett. “Then, in April we’ll be releasing the sequel to Sandra Unerman’s Spellhaven, entitled Ghosts and Exiles.”

The Time Traveller's Resort and Museum - EbookOther new 2018 titles include the third title in the Mirror World series, Mirror’s Deceit, a middle grade adventure novel, a fantasy novel, and a children’s picture book.

Dowsett’s best piece of advice for new writers is to try to write every day.

“Momentum is key when writing a novel, I really believe that,” said Dowsett. “However, if you get stuck, or if life gets busy, the other important thing to keep in mind is not to berate yourself or feel bad for not writing every day.”

Balancing her own writing career and running a small press is a big task, but Dowsett’s other words of wisdom include, “Make sure you love what you do.”

By doing what she loves, working with a team of people she can trust, and constantly evolving and learning new tasks, Dowsett and the Mirror World team has had a successful four years. Mirror World hopes to continue offering quality books where readers can escape reality and enjoy new and fascinating worlds.

[originally posted on Windsor Arts & Crafts]

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