A Year in Review: 2015

Let’s look back at 2015! In the early months I found out the original publisher of She Dreamed of Dragons was shutting down and the book would she_dreamed_of_dragonsbe no more – after only 6 months of being published! Luckily, local publisher Mirror World Publishing came to the rescue! They accepted my book for publication and Trina became a brand new ebook in July and for the first time was available in paperback. At the same time I also released a free prequel story entitled “The Search for the Golden Feather”. Through Mirror World I got to participate in my first book signing at Crafter’s Plus, my first reading at the Summer of New Releases event, and also took part in the Local Author and Artists Festival (LAAF).Realms1

In other writing news I had my short story, “The Sea Rider”, published in Realms YA Fantasy Literary Magazine and had 43 articles published on windsoriteDOTca.

Another big highlight of the writing year was seeing The Otley Butterfly completed. I originally wrote the story of my grandparents Otley1during WWII as a dance show script, possibly in 2008 or earlier. It wasn’t made into a show so I tried writing it as a story and nothing felt right until I decided to turn it into a graphic novel with no words. Artist Nicholas Beckett took on the project with me and the completed zine was printed this year.

And it may not be writing news, but Alexander Zelenyj and I got married on Halloween.

What’s in store for 2016? I recently found out my teen vampire book This Night Sucks will be published by Mirror World Publishing, possibly in JuneTitle 2016. My short story, “Cornelia & Timothy & the Wonderful World of Zines”, will be published in the Spring issue of Stinkwaves Magazine. Also, Alex and I plan on doing some writing projects together, as well as building our new library space, which is currently a mess of boxes in our new house.

Now here are some pictures of our cats enjoying Christmas. One of them is much better at posing for pictures than the other one…

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