2017 in Review

Well, I did one of these Year in Review things for the past two years, so here we go again.

Cornelia and Timothy - Making zines

Illustration by Nicholas Beckett

In April my short story “The Winter of the River” was published in the Spring issue of Stinkwaves Magazine. Then I decided to go through all my old short stories from my zine-ing years. I picked seven short stories that I thought went well together and are suitable for children and spruced them up a bit. Many of these stories were written when I was a teenager or in my early twenties and were published in my litzine, 398. I submitted this newly polished collection of stories to Handersen Publishing, since they’re the publishers behind Stinkwaves Magazine. They agreed to publish the book in 2018 and then Nicholas Beckett agreed to be the illustrator. Nicholas has been hard at work creating some beautiful pictures and soon I’ll be hard at work doing editing on the stories with Tevin and Nichole. The book should be out in 2018.

My manuscript Slip Jig Summer was also accepted in 2017 by Orca Book Publishers for SlipJigSummerCOVERtheir Orca Limelights series. I’ve done all my final edits, and now I’m just waiting for the book to come out on March 27, 2018. I will be having a book release event/signing at Juniper Books in April.

I also wrote a script about the valkyrie Brunhilde for Windsor Dance eXperience. The production team is currently at work finalizing the script and soundtrack. The show will be performed at the Capitol Theatre from June 1st – 3rd. If you’re in Windsor and like to dance and perform, auditions take place on Saturday, January 13.

25594142_200872697138897_6225434062392498860_nI really don’t like writing about myself, but I do miss writing about local events in Windsor. Recently I started a blog called Windsor Arts & Crafts where I will write and post pictures of fun artsy things happening in Windsor. I hope to continue to grow the blog throughout 2018.

I finished writing two other manuscripts for young readers, but I haven’t found a home for either. Maybe I will have more news about them when I write my 2018 Year in Review post. I’ve been working on other manuscripts too, including a novel version of my short story The Winter of the River.

I think that’s everything! Hope everyone has a good 2018. Now here’s a picture of my dog Daisy hanging out with Callie and a picture of old lady Lucy:

IMG_6824 (800x600)

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