Let’s Talk About 2018

It’s time to sum up a whole year on the blog that is often lost and forgotten. For more frequent updates I recommend following me on Instagram (@elizabeth.j.m.walker) or my author page on Facebook, where I actually remember to post stuff. (Sidenote: I didn’t unfriend you on Facebook. I deleted my entire account.)

SlipJigSummerCOVERIn March of this year my newest book, Slip Jig Summer, was published in Orca Book Publisher’s Limelights collection: “Orca Limelights stories are aimed at middle schoolers and teens with an interest in the performing arts. Topics include music, dance, theater, circus and magic. Reading levels from grade 3.5 to 6.5. Interest level ages 9–12.”

Slip Jig Summer was included in The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s list of “Best Books for Kids and Teens – 2018”. Neat! Thanks!

I had a book launch for Slip Jig Summer at Juniper Books and later in the year I did signings at the Coles in Tecumseh Mall and the Chapters in Devonshire Mall. I also had a table at the Windsor Feis, where I got to meet some enthusiastic Irish dancers who were happy to find a book about their style of dance. Thanks to everyone who came out to events and purchased books, read books, and posted reviews! But, I could really use your help in the reviews department. Even if you just log into Amazon/Goodreads and give it a rating and don’t even write anything. Or you can just write the word “good”. Or “bad”, if you want. Or the word “banana”. I don’t care. Just make it look like people are actually reading the  book.

In the fall I was interviewed on the local cable TV show Scribes & Songsters. I wore a cardigan and a blouse with cats on it, because that’s what cool people do. I was super awkward because I’m not very good at talking and I am very good at being nervous about things and stuff. But thanks for having me!

I’ve also been working on my collection of short stories The Boy Who Owned the Forest that will be published by Handersen Publishing in 2019. We’ve had a few editing rounds and Nicholas Beckett has been working away at the beautiful illustrations. The title story was actually written in 2003, so it’ll be pretty exciting to see this whole project come together –  16 years in the making! Wow! The boy who owns that forest is now old enough to drive a car in his forest.

I wrote a dance show script, The Valkyrie. The talented group of people that make up Windsor Dance eXperience put it all together and performed the show on the Capitol Theatre stage in June 2018. Here are some cool photos of dance-Vikings by John Chan.

Or watch this video, also by John Chan, with choreography by Dalton Hickson:


On the very last day of 2018, Alex’s new collection of short stories, Blacker Against the Deep Dark, was released. You should totally check it out. Unless you’re my mom. My mom isn’t allowed to read it.

Ahlissa Eichhorn of FANGORIA said this about it: “These stories play out like an R-rated Twilight Zone; grittily thrusting life’s toughest questions at readers with unabashed confrontation, and in the strangest of places.”


And my yearly pet update: Early this year our elderly cat Lucy passed away. We felt our cat Callie needed a new cat companion. She loves our dog Daisy, but she’s never been the only cat in her whole life. We adopted a boy cat and named him Dune. He ended up being a bundle of energetic terror whose mission in life is to kill Callie. Needless to say, Callie does not like her new friend. Through creative housing and activities, we’re trying to keep all the animals happy and safe and hoping Dune’s kitten-ish-crazies will eventually simmer down – even though the Humane Society told us he was two (and therefore not a kitten?). But they also told us he had zero interest in toys and he actually LOVES toys. The first thing he did upon entering our house was find the basket of pet toys, knock it over, and have a crazy play session where he showed us that he can jump six feet in the air. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting things to make him to keep him happy and occupied. He loves a box full of toilet paper rolls that he can knock apart to get to food at the bottom and he goes crazy for balls that have bells in them.

So, let’s hear it for 2019! A year that will be filled with stories, more writing, and balls with bells in them.

Here are the trio, pretending to peacefully get along:



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